Boltedfruit Shop


Here is where you can find all info on commissioning me for a custom piece of art. At the bottom of this page will be the commission form. Fill out the form to officially claim a commission spot.

After you fill out your form, I will reach out either by email or social media to confirm commission details. Once details are confirmed, I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once the invoice is paid, I will start work on the WIP sketch for you to approve before moving on to lines and colors. Once final art is done, I will email the high res unwatermarked file(s) to you.


  1. You fill out commission form.
  2. I reach out to you to confirm details via the contact email or preferred social media you listed on the form.
  3. I send you a PayPal invoice.
  4. You pay the invoice (either in full or partial for larger commissions).
  5. I send you a sketch WIP to approve/ask for changes.
  6. Finalize sketch WIP to move onto finishing the commission.
  7. I email you the high res file.

General Rules:

  • First come first serve
  • Payment via PayPal required at time of invoice. Payment plans for larger commissions can be discussed.
  • I’m never going to judge what you want me to draw. Please ask if unsure!

Can I post the commission you made me?

  • I used to not allow this but now I do so YES feel free to post your commissioned piece.
  • Please credit me as boltedfruit when you post it.

I WILL Draw:

  • SFW
  • NSFW (Humans, Furries, vanilla & fetish. If I am asked to draw a fetish that’s a no for me, I will let you know and ask you to pick something else.)
  • Any fandom characters, any pairings. (If I have no examples of a particular fandom or character, please link to the characters in the form.)
  • Original characters
  • Pairings involving reader/OC/self insert with a fandom character
  • Furries
  • D&D stuff
  • Gore/blood/injuries

I WON'T Draw:

  • Mecha (I need more practice before I offer mecha in commissions.)
  • Young kids (in general I am not great at drawing kids.)


Includes up to 2 characters in base price. Depending on detail, 3 or more characters will be an additional $10 per character. This does not apply to comic pages.
All examples below are SFW.
For NSFW examples see here:
  • NSFW Examples: x | x | x | x
  • Half Body: $30
  • Full Body: $50
  • Examples: x | x | x
  • Half Body: $50
  • Full Body: $70
  • Examples: x | x | x
  • Half Body: $50
  • Full Body: $70
  • Examples: x | x | x | x | x
  • Half Body: $100
  • Full Body: $150
  • Examples: x | x | x
  • Simple: Included in base price (typically a shape/color, or very basic details to imply an environment.)
    • Examples: x | x | x
  • Detailed: + $20 – $50 depending on detail
    • Examples: x | x | x
CHARACTER DESIGN SHEET (flat color style, simple background):
  • Design Sheet: $200
    • Includes: Front view, Back view, Side view, Two facial expression closeups, detail shots of accessories/traits like birthmarks/tattoos/scars/jewelry/NSFW aspects etc., color palette.
Choose art style ie BW, rough color, flat color, full color. Detailed background and 3+ people included in price.
  • 1-5 pages: $100 per page
  • 6+ pages: $80 per page
  • *4+ pages eligible for partial payment of half up front, half upon delivery OR 3 month payment plan
  • Examples: x
Base prices include shipping fee. Will ship domestic and international. Shipping address field in commission form is required for this type of commission.
NEEDLE FELTING: (price per single character.)
  • Felt Baby Charm: $50
    • Cell phone strap or keychain ring.
    • Examples: x
  • Full Doll w/ Wire Armature: $100-$150 (depending on complexity)
    • 8in tall
    • Width dependent on character design
    • Includes bendable wire armature
    • Not meant to be a pet toy (contrary to the beliefs of my two cats)
    • Examples: x
Cannot be heavily NSFW. Can include 1-2 characters per side. For example:
  • Single Sided: $100
    • Single Sided: One version of one character on one side OR one version of two characters together on one side.
  • Double Sided: $200
    • Double Sided: one version of Eddie Munson on one side, another version of Eddie Munson on the other side OR one version of two characters together on one side, another version of two characters together on the second side OR one version of one character on one side, one version of a second character on the second side.
  • Examples: x